are artists pretentious


Sometimes, I really wish I had motivation to be like a doctor or a scientist. While i do find the body and how it works to be very interesting, I don’t see myself sacrificing my life to lets say zoning in on alztimers disease to find out why it destroys the brain and how to stop it.
I don’t have…

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Enjoying Lights Out Asia - The Wrong Message Could End You on the Chillout channel by Digitally Imported

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Cut Chemist - The Garden


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Carl Beazley’s Surreal Distorted Portraits

beazley-painting9The faces in UK artist Carl Beazley’s portraits are twisted and multiplied, clearly surreal, yet based on real faces with their pores and blemishes. Completely self-taught, the 26-year old artist credits his unique point of view to being able to … Continue reading

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I think I’ve gone mad

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Anne Truitt on the difference between doing art and being an artist – timelessly beautiful meditation from her diary:
this what I’ve been doing in class lately….